Youth Group

At Grace Bible Fellowship we have a wonderful youth group comprised of ages 12-18.


Pastor Jay was once told by one of his former pastors that we should always have in mind where these kids are going. Where they will be and who they will be when they are in their 30's. This shapes the youth ministry at Grace Bible Fellowship.  The youth are taught the bible just the same as the adults (keeping in mind the things that are important to them). 

In a day when teenagers grow into adults and vanish from the church something must be done. We are combating this by teaching the Word of God and including the youth in the body of Christ as soon as they desire to serve. There are no second class followers of Christ.

We have fun in youth group with a few games but after that we get right into the Bible with a creation video during dinner, followed by a teaching.

The youth also have fun outings together; such as bowling, snow tubing, hikes and various other things. We also endeavor to get the youth active in the community. They have helped missionaries move and done yard work for the elderly in the community.


The youth are also encourage to serve in the church. They do this by greeting at the front door on Sundays, running the sound board, church set-up and take-down, working in children's church and various other areas of service in the church. This gives them an opportunity to take ownership within their church body and it also gives them the chance to discover the gifts that God has given them.